W ho are we?

We are Mark and Kim Hamilton, owners of Pointed Arrow Designs, and more importantly, blessed parents of two amazing children for whom we do this.

Pointed Arrow Designs grew out of our desire to cultivate a beautiful and positive environment for our family by using the power of words. We wanted to fill our rooms with life-giving words, to affirm the good things in life . . . joy, hope, love, courage, faith, adventure, etc.

Our homes are more than mere brick and mortar - they are our sanctuaries, our recharging spaces, and our launching pads for life. We wanted the place where we "live" to speak life...pointing us towards joy and hope. We couldn't find a wallpaper that spoke

to us, so we created our own.

...and Pointed Arrow Designs was formed.



Mon - Sat  8am - 6pm (CT)



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Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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