About us

We create wall coverings with a purpose ...

to fill your spaces with life-giving words!

We know far too well how challenging life can be so we wanted our home, our oasis, to be filled with beauty AND purposeful words.Each design has an encouraging theme with either scripture or quotes to keep you pointed like an arrow towards a joy-filled life! Fill your kitchen with JOY as you do those dishes just ONE MORE TIME! Fill your child's bedroom with words of COURAGE as they maneuver through childhood. Fill your family room with LOVE as you recharge! . . .  or whatever you can imagine!

Our homes are more than mere brick and mortar - they are our sanctuaries, our recharging spaces, and our launching pads for life. We want the place where we "live" to speak life! We realize that some choose to use words and some don't, so we also offer "no text" options of every design. We are diligently working to provide this option for those of you who prefer it. If you do not see this option for your favorite design, reach out to us on our contact page and we will create it for you. 



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