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What is Your Shipping Policy?

Shipping is via UPS and currently only available within the contiguous United States. Orders typically begin production within 48 hours of order placement. Orders typically ship around 7-10 business days from the order date. These times may vary during our peak periods.

What is Your Refund/Return Policy?

Since all of our custom wallpapers, growth charts, and murals are printed on demand, we do not offer refunds. We will accept an exchange for incorrect, damaged, or defective items only, within 14 days of receipt. Items must be returned in new condition in the original shipping package.

What if My Item was Received Damaged?

If your purchase arrives damage, please take a photo of the damage, including the box, and email it to with "DAMAGED ITEM" in the subject field. We will then forward you the return information.

What Tools Do I Need To Hang Wallpaper?

Craft/Exacto Knife Cutting Service Level Pencil Ruler/Straight Edge Wallpaper Smoother (Included) Tape Measure An Extra Pair of Hands to Help Guide & Align the Paper!

Wallpaper Specs

Peel & Stick: Bright white paper for beautiful image reproduction Quick dry print surface for convenience and enhanced productivity Matte finish to minimize glare Polymer reinforced for strength and durability Scratch resistant washable surface for light-moderate traffic areas Breathable to reduce mold and mildew 24 inches (61cm) wide No PVC and non-toxic; Environmentally safe Easily removable

What is Peel & Stick?

It's Wallpaper, yet at the same time it's Re-moveable, Re-usable, & Re-positional!! Perfect for renters, kids rooms, dorms, or an easy change of decor! It's great for harder to stick surfaces, events, texture walls, low/no voc & eggshell paints. Can I reuse it? Yes, keep the adhesive side free of dust, hair, paint flecks and other debris. Then, return your used mural to the original backing paper and into the tube for storage. For best results, reuse it immediately. The longer the storage or moving time, the shorter your mural's life. We cannot guarantee the results of re-use, especially if your storage or moving time is extended. Will Peel & Stick work with any wall? Works with most surfaces, however, it is not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavily spackled wall board. Make sure you allow 30 days on newly painted surfaces to prevent bubbling or adherence failure. Also make sure all drywall painted surfaces or repainted surfaces have been primed and painted in order to not leave possible residue or remove paint.

How Do I Hang My Wallpaper?

Make sure the wall has been previously primed prior to painting (otherwise the paint or adhesive may come off). Concerning newly painted surfaces, make sure you allow 30 days to prevent bubbling. If you place your Peel & Stick wallpaper on a pebbly, textured surface that has used eggshell paint or a very porous surface (i.e. brick, cement walls, stucco), you may receive poor results. Avoid placement above fireplaces. There is no need to overlap. Simply butt one panel right up to the next one. CLEAN IT - BEFORE - YOU STICK IT! Use a warm, damp cloth or sponge to clean the wall surface or window and allow it to completely dry. (This suggestion is for existing walls with probable fingerprints and dirt resulting from day to day foot traffic and use). Make sure all previous cleaning solutions are completely gone. You can remove and replace the wallpaper multiple times; however, once the adhesive collects too much dust, dirt or fibers it will become less effective and may not stick as well to your surface. It will be helpful to have two people install it. Try not to let the adhesive come together, or let it fold up against itself. It’s okay if it does, you can separate it by carefully pulling it apart and you may want two people to do this on larger images. Start at the top of your strip and pull down approximately 4-6” of the backer and crease the back of the backer. Simply apply the 4-6” of exposed adhesive area to your chosen location. It can be repositioned many times. Once you are square then continue to slowly pull the backer downward in 4-6” increments, smoothing the wallpaper as you go. Depending on the size, it may be helpful if one person pulls down the backer, while the other smooths the image on the surface. You can use a included wallpaper smoother to smooth out. If there are any bubbles or wrinkles, you can lightly press or smooth them out, or just peel back that area and re-apply. Please Note: Pressing too hard will not damage the wallpaper; however, it may cause your hands to gather ink due to the natural oils on your hands, and could transfer from your hands onto another surface. SUGGESTIONS If a bubble re-appears over the next day or two, pressing and lightly rubbing can remove it. This can happen occasionally if oil, dirt, or dust is on your surface. Use a sewing pin to pop the bubble, and then smooth it out with your fingers in a circular motion. In the very rare instance that bubbles keep re-appearing, you may want to move your wallpaper to another area as there is something preventing the adhesive to stick. Most causes of bubbles are because the wall was painted within the last 30 days or cleaning chemicals where used prior.

Where Do You Ship?

We ship UPS to the contiguous United States. If you require shipment elsewhere, contact us at and we will see if we can accommodate.



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